Product Name : 800lumens Rechargeable LED flashlight
Item# : TL3035
Last update : 2012.12.21

Car 12V adaptor-230V Rechargeable High power Cree LED flashlight

* Power supply: Rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery 1pcs.
* Light source:10W high-power CREE LED XM-LT6
* LED color temperauture: 7000-8000K
* LED life: 100000 hours
* Waterproofing grade: IPX-8
* Illumination bright light::Super bright: up to 800 lumens
* Used for: Dai Daily carried,camping,hunting ly carried,camping,fishing..etc
* Material: Aerospace grade 6063-T6 aluminum to strengthen Surface
* Treatment: Hard Anodizing- Titanium Black
* Lens materials:Imported UCL lens
* Continuous Illumination:Strong light can continuous illumination about 3 hours, and the weak light can continuous illumination more than 12 hours.
* Modes:5 Mode(High, Mid, Low, Flash, SOS)
* Charge time:4-5 hours to full charge
* Size: Length: 168mm, Head diameter: 42.5mm , Width: 29mm

led flashlight, flashlight torch, led torch, best torch, cree flashlights Cautions:
LED flashlight torch voltage and battery requirements when in use, according to choice, not to abuse, to prevent burn circuit boards, different models, different voltage batteries not at the same time, instructions for use the correct choice of battery by battery.
Do not the exposure of long-term with the sun, water, chemicals and corrosive gases, led flashlight to avoid damage to the torch the surface oxide layer.
In order to maintain the "O"-ring and threaded rotating smoothly, according to usage, wipe the Vaseline oil on its surface;
Lamp cup inner wall is kept clean and must not be hand or hard objects to clean; clear fingerprint on the lens, gently wipe the lens cleaner available cotton swab;
You can not direct people's eyes light LED flashlight, super bright glare so as not to affect vision, especially children;
If you are not using LED flashlight please remove the battery (one month or longer) to avoid chemical corrosion.
Explosion-proof features: This product is explosion-proof certified by the state authorities, highest Flameproof explosion-proof grade, can be flammable and explosive safety work.
The rechargeable battery: lithium battery capacity, long life, no memory, self-discharge rate, health and environmental protection; imports of energy consumption LED light source, the service life of up to 100,000 hours, charging time is 5 hours.
 For the environment: high temperature resistance, waterproof, humidity performance; high hardness alloy materials, to ensure it can withstand the strong collision; the outer surface of the depth of anti-skid treatment; can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
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