Product Name : Car interior LED light strips
Item# : TL221
Last update : 2012.12.21


1.Detachable super bright Bule car 6 LED light x 4 strip
2.light length(cm): approx 10cm (6 led light per 10cm)(4")
  light width:0.6cm(0.25")
3.high light blue led light.
4.can adjust brightness,per led light max to 5-6lumen.
4.light connect cable length(cm): approx 200cm(80")
5.Vehicle power adaptors with rope: 100cm(40")
6.Water-proof function,decorating your car even in the rainy days
7.The light is suitable for DC 12V car,with adjustable vehicle power adaptors.
8.Soft PCB board for freewill sharp,sticky base for any position you want.
9.Decoration easy and convenient.

Components Included:
4 PCS of 10 cm Blue 6 LED light strip
12V car adaptor
Rotary switch and connecting wire.
Plastic box and color paper board packing.

1.For DC 12V car only
2.Use this LED light with traffic law

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